Content Warnings

There are action sequences with shooting and explosions, and some zombie-like enemies, but nothing too gory or explicit.

Project Introduction

Beneath is an action horror adventure played in first person, that will bring the player to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean while exploring abandoned bases, submerged caves and temples.
In line with psychological horror, players only have a small number of resources and ammunition with which to defend themselves against the mysterious soldiers, indescribable monsters, and their own madness.
The story is inspired on the "Cthulhu Mythos", but brought to a modern setting.

In the center of the narrative we have Noah Quinn, a veteran deep-sea diver whose vessel was attacked by an unknown force while he was uderwater. After surviving his ship's explosion, Quinn stumbles upon a mysterious base run by an enigmatic organization. Their sinister objective is to ressurect an ancient and malevolent entity slumbering in the depths of the ocean.

About Developer

We're a small team of 4 passionate developers who love horror and who try to put that passion into our games. The studio was founded by the brothers Bruno and Ricardo Cesteiro, and we've been slowly building our presence over the years.

Apart from making games, we try to be part of the indie scene and help its development however we can. We regularly participate in major industry events like Gamescom and PAX East, either as exhibitors, speakers or judges. From Europe to the US, we've been at shows like EGX, WASD, Digital Dragons and more. Locally, we've been regular attendants at Lisbon Games Week, Moche XL Games World, Nerd Alert, Indie X, Eurogamer Summer Fest, and Comic Con Portugal.

Additionally, we've been invited speakers at events such as Microsoft Game Dev Camp, Lisbon Games Conference, and IADE – Creative University, among others. We also actively participate as judges in competitions like the IndieX Awards and MotelX Horror Game Jam.

Our studio maintains strong ties with educational institutions, providing internships and organizing events for game development students to gain insights into the development process and quality assurance procedures. In March 2024, one of our team members was a mentor at the "Gaming Startup Retreat" acceleration program in Madeira, Portugal.

At Camel 101, social responsibility is a core value. We're proud partners with "Safe in Our World," a mental health charity. We actively support their events, participate in workshops on mental health and team communication, and donate games to charity bundles. These efforts help raise funds for vital mental health resources.

We're also a founding member of APVP, the Portuguese Game Developer's Association. This shows our dedication to collective growth and advocating for the future of game development in Portugal.