Content Warnings


Project Introduction

The world is old and unwell. An ominous affliction has left every living soul weak, terrified and helpless before despair. But this paralyzing infestation has left the innocence of a young child untainted. Lost in limbo, an otherworldly journey awaits you. Find answers. Face your greatest fear. Confront reality.

BEFORE I GO depicts a contemplative reflection on existence and the transitory nature of life. Lose yourself in this enigmatic tale. In adversity, find your way to deliverance and peace.

BEFORE I GO is a challenging side-scrolling action-platformer that distils the classic genre to its most beloved aspects, fulfilling old-school platformer lovers as well as fresh mechanics enthusiasts.

Key Features

- Explore a non-linear elaborate world, immerse yourself in a dreamlike universe.

- Overcome meticulously crafted and intense platforming sections.

- Withstand unforgiving parasitic abominations.

- Assimilate powerful and dexterous abilities, sharpen your skills, perfect the promptness of your actions.

- Master intuitive, responsive, and diligently tuned controls.

About Developer

BEFORE I GO is created by Jérôme Coppens and published through his production company, J’s Labratory (based in Dunkirk, France)

“I think I’ve been playing video games since I was 6, when my big brother got an Atari ST in the late 80s. These early games I’ve played, they might be the memories that stuck with me the most.

I’ve been in the game industry for a while now. Many games released, various programmer roles, lots of teamwork that lead me to learn skills outside of my former area of expertise.

At some point, going full-time indie appeared obvious to me. I couldn’t help it. I had to take the plunge. This childhood dream of making my own platformer, my craving for creative freedom, this story I had in my head, the confidence I gained over those years, it just had to happen.”

BEFORE I GO has been in full-time production since 2021.