Project Introduction

'Bearnard' emerged from a passion for games, born during the COVID-19 pandemic as Mike (Michał Wikliński) pursued his lifelong dream of creating his own video game. Drawing inspiration from his love for card games and turn-based combat systems, such as ‘Slay the Spire’ and ‘Into the Breach’, Mike developed a unique blend of these genres within a 2D pixel art platformer. He also introduced an unconventional gameplay mechanic: players use a bow to shoot arrows that carry magical cards, requiring a keen understanding and utilization of physics.

The game unfolds the adventures of a brave bear-archer on a mission to save his beloved forest. Infused with a healthy dose of humor, the narrative gives the game a distinctive charm. At first glance, Bearnard might appear to be a typical 2D platformer; however, it is anything but. The true depth and complexity of the game are unveiled through its engaging mechanics during gameplay.

About Developer

Michał Wikliński - a professional programmer for over 20 years, and in his spare time, a solo game developer. Along with two friends, he has also been running one of the first gaming podcasts in Poland, “Forumogadka,” for over 14 years.