Project Introduction

Bean Beasts is a cute Tower Defence game where players can team up with evolving creatures, place traps and use powerful abilities to fight off waves of monsters. The core gameplay loop is that you play through hand-made levels, unlocking new items after every one.

For each level there’s going to be two unique challenges, which will mix up the gameplay and introduce players to some of the less-obvious game

The game will have damage elements, status effects, wall-pathing, environmental hazards and physics, and there will be a unique set of enemies in every world with different weaknesses and immunities for players to overcome! Some of the enemy types players will come up against include enemies with
shields, who can fly, turn invisible, regenerate health, summon minions, stun your towers or even target and destroy walls!

Due to the multiple difficulty options, the game can be a demanding and challenge experience or enjoyed as an almost cosy, mindless bit of fun. There’s also going to be a brutal additional difficulty called Beast Mode where the Level layouts will be changed up, with even more enemies and many more waves, unlocked by completing the main story.

And lastly there’s going to be 8 specialised, Endless Mode Maps which will offer players some healthy competition and replay-ability.

Additional Key Features

I’ve created the “Retry Last Wave” button, which will enable players to take risks and experiment more, removing one of the more tedious
aspects of the tower defence genre! So if you fail you can try again, you don’t have to go back to the beginning!

Also no in-app purchases, no pay-to-win, Bean Beasts is going to be a complete game with everything included!

And lastly you can easily play on a Steam Deck and I am hoping to port to consoles, because I built Bean Beasts with controller support in mind from
the very beginning.

About Developer

I work as a freelance video editor and sound engineer. Not long ago I did some freelance voice recording for Baldur's Gate 3 (before I knew what it was or how big it would be) - this was my first time working within the games industry as my background is in TV.

I decided I wanted to try and do more games industry work, but soon realised it was unlikely, due to the requirements of shipping AA and AAA games and coding.

However, I did install Unity and started following tutorials for fun, here I am a year later with my first game!

I recently went on Pixel Pitch, hosted by Asmongold, I was the first developer on the second episode (search asmongold pixel pitch on youtube to view) - I secured $2500 in investment and went from 300 to 5000 wishlists almost overnight! My Discord went from 20 people to 180 as of today! This has encouraged me to believe in the game and it's appeals to a wider audience, despite it starting as just a passion project!