Project Introduction

Beacon Patrol is a cooperative and relaxing tile laying exploration game.

You play as captain of the Coast Guard, navigating the coast of the North Sea to secure its beacon buoys, lighthouses and waterways.

Work together with your friends and score points by creating the most complete map.

Enjoy the full board game experience, including the Ships & Shores expansion, as well as the digitally exclusive Endless Mode.

You start at the Coast Guard HQ and build your own coastal map from there.

Each turn you place up to three tiles, connecting to your ship‘s current location. Your ship immediately moves onto the newly placed tiles and you can spend tokens for additonal movement.

Exchange a tile with another player or hold onto it for the next turn when playing solo.

The game ends when all tiles have been played. Explore tiles to score points and receive new tiles to keep on playing beyond the horizon.

Beacon Patrol features the following three destinct game modes:

Endless Mode
Explore to receive additional tiles and play as long as you can keep scoring. Unlock new tiles and ships for even longer and more adventurous journeys.

Classic Mode
Experience a faithful adaptation of the Beacon Patrol board game including the Ships & Shores expansion.

Creative Mode
Navigate the coastline at your own pace with unlimited tiles and movement.

About Developer

Shapes and Dreams
Founded by Torben Ratzlaff originally for publishing light-hearted board games with 10+ years of video game design and development exprience.

Bejamin Justice comes from enterprise software development and applies principles and experiences aquried there to indie development.

Be are both organizers of the local indie game development meetup Indie Treff which features talks, game stations and networking and has 130+ attendees four times a year.