Project Introduction

Imagine a village. Everything is quiet and calm. The birds are singing, the kids are playing. An old man lives in one of the houses and his name is Batty. I cannot say that he is irritable or grumpy. I think he hates everyone around him. And most likely he is ready to beat everyone who will disturb his calmness. In his youth, he was a junkyard mechanic and now, in retirement, he spends a lot of time in the garage dealing with his rusty buckets. And only this brings him peace, but if someone bothers him, even a little, he loses his head and neither the neighbors, or even police will not be able to stop the madness.
The player will have to control this madman, who will angrily react to any mistakes of the player and praise him for his activities.
A game in the genre of Racing (roguelike). Try to escape from a polise chase. Only this time, we don't have to collect coins on the way or wind up kilometers of boring track. The game learns the player's behavior and the type of car, and then builds a road in front of him that is most suitable for him and right now. Generate a refueling station if the car is low on fuel, or offer to turn off-road on a high suspension. If the player becomes too dangerous for others, the game will try destroy him, building difficult sections of the road ahead and sending more and more police to him.
The track is non-linear and has a wide variety of directions and options, including eight types of locations for four car classes.
You can turn to the highway in a sport car, jump over obstacles on an off-road track, choosing difficult sections of the road, slip in a drift through an industrial zone, or simply take an armored ram and ignore the conventions.
Drive through a parking lot full of cars. Arrange a massive accident on the highway. Collapse the facade of a building and block the way for the police, or simply lure the chase to an old warehouse and bring down the roof. Almost everything destroyeble. From the city's environment to civilian and police cars, but your own car is not immortal, so it's best to choose your path and look at what you ram.
In any case, the car can be customized for any situation and driving style using a huge number of parts to choose from. Improve it, place an armor and return to battle with renewed vigor, or just dig up another car in a junkyard and try yourself in a different style.
Story progress is presented in the form of pumping. As the player progresses through the campaign, they unlock more and more locations and new cars.

About Developer

The team collected for two years from Ukrainian enthusiasts who want, at first of all, to make an interesting game of high quality, and not just to make some money. We started the development of the prototype with three people, and over time grew to a complete team.
The project is being built with own funds without investment.