Content Warnings

Blood and violence

Project Introduction

Bad Blood combines classic gangster movies with futuristic sci-fi horror. Creating an exciting world that is familiar, yet dark and sinister. It also melds two iconic visual references: the striking imagery of 1920’s Art Deco with the Noir Graphic novels of the present day, to create a stunning artistic direction.

Bad Blood’s art style is one of the games strongest appeals. It’s striking noir graphic novel black and white look with accents of colour make it uniquely Bad Blood.

As a game it is primarily a stealth based FPS game, although there will be times you need to go in gung ho! Using the shadows and the objects in the scene around you to sneak up and take out the enemy.

There will be multiple ways to silent take down, depending on the weapons equipped or items close by in the scene. Making each kill a different experience.

However, your enemies have developed a range of mutagenic substances used to enhance themselves, turning some of them into mutated abominations!

You can also pick up, combine and inject these substances, to create differing effects. Some active, others passive. Progressing through the game unlocks new powers and recipes to experiment with, changing the way you play in innovative ways.

Bad Blood has its inspirations from graphic novels such as Sin City and games such as Dishonored and Bioshock.

About Developer

Red Marmoset Studios is an indie games startup founded by two video game veterans, Sem Essessi and Imkan Hayati. We have worked for multiple AAA and indie companies, developing games for PC, console and mobile over a variety of different genres for years!

We have always loved making video games, and it is this passion that has brought us here. Our vision is to craft titles that combine exciting and unique action gameplay with stunningly iconic visual styles, to create games that immerse players in a fun and fresh experience.

Our offices are based in Slough, England and we have close connections to indie studios in Sweden.