Content Warnings

Perhaps this project will be difficult to play for some people who have lost their homes.

Project Introduction

The Calamity devastated all the houses of this small forest village, depriving it of laughter, conversation, and life. The main character now needs to confront the consequences of the tragedy, repair all the damage, and restore every home to order. They aim to create a sense of comfort in each house to entice the residents to return home.

Each house requires a special approach: in some places, you need to fix a window that won't close; in others, repair a sagging fence; and in others, clear the flower garden of weeds. There are no unimportant things when it comes to the warmth of your home.

Fire is a symbol of home comfort, warmth, and life. After the house is repaired and put in order, you need to kindle a fire. After that, you just have to wait a little while.

Back to Hearth is an exploring meditation game that focuses not only on houses and locations but also on the stories of the people who lived there. The houses are imbued with memories, personal belongings, amulets, and other narrative elements that will unveil the stories. Each of them will become your own.

Revitalize abandoned homes with your warmth so that everyone can be where they belong again.

About Developer

Currently, our team consists of 7 people. Part of the team works on Back to Hearth, part of the team works on Blessed Burden, and some works on both projects at the same time. All of them are from Ukraine. Although, unfortunately, not everyone lives in Ukraine now, some had to leave their homes because of the war and move to other European countries.

Now we are working remotely. Everyone takes on their area of responsibility and works as well as they can.

Previously, Back to Hearth took part in the Games Gathering Lviv 2024 and Steam Next Fest. Now we want to show the results of our work to an even larger European audience that is interested in similar projects.