Content Warnings

Cute, family-friendly, and no blood. No content warnings needed.

Project Introduction

Baby Dino Adventures is a cute family-friendly puzzle platformer for up to 4 players. You play a lost baby T-Rex, and help him find his parents back. You won't kill anyone. But rather solve puzzles, and make new allies throughout this wholesome adventure.

Walk, run, and jump into a pixelated world full of handcrafted sprites and smooth animations.
All this created frame by frame with love, and passion.

Experience a peaceful atmosphere with cute characters.
No time for hate, violence, or blood.

There are a few TNT and Nitro crates, but don't pay too much attention to such details.
We believe our young hero is strong enough, don't you?

About Developer

Born in Chambray-les-Tour, France around April, 1989.
I live in Brussels, Belgium since I'm 3 years old.
Father of two amazing sons.
Fan of retro-like games since I'm just a little boy.
I sometimes grab my skateboard to free my mind for a few hours.

I work full-time as UI/UX Designer for Keytrade Bank.
Aside my work – mostly on evenings and weekends – I'm having fun crafting pixel art assets, and developing some games.
That's why I created Sleeping Panda Games.

I use Construct 3 engine to build HTML5 games, and Aseprite for pixel art & animations.

I started working on Baby Dino Adventures back in 2019 and released its very first version in early access on July 1st, 2020. Since then, I have been adding a local co-op feature and more content.