Content Warnings

Awkward 2 is meant for adults and is rated M. It contains mature themes.

Project Introduction

Awkward 2 is an adult multiplayer party game filled with dark, hilarious & sometimes downright disturbing questions. Laugh, debate, defend and find out things you never wanted to know about your friends and Twitch viewers!

Enter Wick’s wicked world where he’ll put you through your paces to escape his monstrous gameshow. Take on six savage rounds, each introducing a completely new merciless challenge guaranteed to give you and your friends a game night to remember.

Awkward 2 is a mature party game played with phones as controllers. There is deep innovative Twitch integration that allows hundreds of players to join a game remotely. There are 10,000 controversial questions with stats on how others have answered. While there are many card and board party games aimed at an adult audience, party video games made for an 18+ audience are an untapped market.

Awkward 2 is a premium product with traditional publishing. We would be interested in a physical release as well as digital.

About Developer

Snap Finger Click is an independent game developer based in Brighton, UK that makes games people can play together. Since founding in 2015, Snap Finger Click has released seven games including ACT IT OUT XL!, a party game based on charades, Awkward, a virtual card game made for a mature audience, and It's Quiz Time, a trivia game played with smartphones as the controller. All of Snap Finger Click’s games feature ‘Live Show’ technology that allows anyone to join in when the game is streamed on Twitch by typing commands into the chat. Participants do not need a copy of the game and can join in using their mobile device.

Recently, Snap Finger Click has been working on a new party game called Awkward 2, a sequel to Awkward, featuring 4K 3D visuals, voiced-over characters, and 10,000 handwritten questions. Awkward 2 is a mature party game played with phones as controllers, supporting hundreds of players.

Snap Finger Click has been involved in the indie games scene since it founded in 2015. They have twice exhibited at the Insomnia Games Festival in the Indies area. Members of the team frequently attend indie game developer meet-ups in and around their studio in Brighton. They have shared advice with other start-ups and participated at numerous knowledge-sharing games events.

Snap Finger Click has won a Best Places to Work Award in 2021 and 2023 and was selected by the Creative Industries Council for CreaTech 100 Ones to Watch. Snap Finger Click featured in the 2022 META Games Industry Index for achievements in innovation, diversity, and longevity. They were also shortlisted for Best Independent Developer at the Game Awards 2023. Snap Finger Click understands the importance of flexible working, which has helped attract a diverse workforce. They have hired many people from outside of games and have a team that is 54% female.