Project Introduction

This game is a side-scrolling metroidvania adventure that centers around sword combat. Your task is to traverse an expansive kingdom, encounter new friends and enemies, engage in battles with formidable bosses, and enhance your character's abilities through leveling up.

Game features
Engaging Action Combat
Expansive World Map
Abundance of diverse zones
Nonlinear metroidvania Gameplay

In a remote village within a forgotten kingdom, lived Awita, an unassuming girl. Yet, when a devastating epidemic struck her community, leaving all to believe in its apocalyptic conclusion, Awita defied the prevailing despair. Determined, she embarked on a quest for a remedy, arming herself with sword and armor, venturing forth to explore the uncharted expanses of her realm. Along her journey, she would encounter unfamiliar landscapes and settlements, forging alliances and facing adversaries as she sought not only a cure but a glimmer of hope.

About Developer

My name is Vadym and I am the only constant team member in the development of Awita, I have worked on it since March 2023.