Content Warnings

Giant spider boss (level 2)

Project Introduction

Avy, Fables of the Night is a playable fairy tale for PC and consoles about a little girl who wakes up in a humorous yet creepy nightmare from which she can only escape by overcoming her greatest fears.

The game is set in a dream island where everything is made of toys and is inhabited by creepy but endearing creatures, featuring puzzles based on interaction with environmental objects, platforming and dialogue-based boss battles.

Some of the game mechanics:
-Moving and platforming skills: At first the player can walk, run and jump but throughout the game Avy will learn how to double jump and glide.
-Picking up and throwing small objects: The player can pick up, carry and throw all kinds of small objects found on the map in order to complete missions or just to have some fun playing with toys.
-Moving big objects: There some elements, like big cubes, that can be moved by the player to create new platforms or to solve differents puzzles.
-Torches and darkness: In dark places, like the cave, the player must stay close to light sources to avoid being consumed by the darkness. The best way to do this is to carry a torch.
-Spiders:Some parts of the island are full of angry spiders. The player can throw bait at them to create a distraction and make their way through the stage
-Dialogue-based boss battles: Final boss fights consist of non-violent dialectical battles such as a rap battle, a riddle contest....

Unique Selling Points:
- Unique art style that tries to replicate miniature figures in a fantasy world.
- Appealing setting that mixes children’s elements (toys, DIY materials…) with dark characters and environments.
- Charismatic, sinister and endearing characters.
- Dialogue-based final boss fights.
- Varied, original and easy to learn game mechanics.
- Story about overcoming childhood fears and traumas.

About Developer

Gamespond is a group of five with very different backgrounds who share the same passion: videogames.

Our mission is to develop original, carefully designed and lovingly made videogames that reflect part of the team's personality as a studio.

Since the creation of the studio we have been working hand in hand on our first game, Avy, Fables of the Night.