Project Introduction

Set within a beautiful dreamscape filled with stylized mushrooms and luscious grass, players are about to embark on a peaceful adventure through a vibrant realm in which the only limitations are their own imaginations. Enter into a fantasy world where each corner is an artwork of unreal beauty and the excitement of ​skateboarding combines with the peace of exploration. This game offers a distinct blend of skating ​mechanics perfectly built within an ensemble of calm exploration, captivating the cozy feel found in ​games such as Proteus. Prepare yourself for a fascinating adventure across stylized landscapes.

About Developer

I'm a recent game developer graduate and started making games when I was 17 during Sixth Form in College from 2D side scrolling games to fully 3D Environment Game. Also, I'm connected to European indie game scene by connecting and networking with other game designers from European countries and going to European convention and events.