Content Warnings

Its just like any Diablo/Survivors game with a lot of mess, but not that hardcore, so You should not feel upset.

Project Introduction

"Armageddonica" has a similar setting to fantasy games like Diablo or Doom, but the difference is that the sole human heroes have failed, and humanity was destroyed. Have you ever imagined what would happen if Diablo won? The forces of "light" would have to fight evil openly, not only just being deeply concerned. "Armageddonica" is about this.

The plot of the game, "Armageddonica," resonates with us as developers because we are living in Ukraine on the edge of destruction, awaiting a possible World War III.

Our main focus as a team is to create great gameplay because we believe that engaging game mechanics are what make people return and play the game indefinitely. Our primary goal with IndieCup is to get feedback on our work and receive advice on which direction to take next.

"Armageddonica" is our struggle to invent new game formulas. We started with summing units via the cursor as the main fight mechanic. We added base building as a way to develop your army's strength because we believe it is more immersive than just selecting UI buttons on a skill tree. At this point, the gameplay might resonate more with an idle game than an action game.

About Developer

Our team was assembled to develop Armageddonica. We are all based in Ukraine. Some of us have extensive experience in game development, primarily in mobile gaming, while others are juniors or even 17-year-old interns. However, we are all united by a passion for creating games and breaking into desktop gaming!