Project Introduction

Arcadium is a survival roguelite shooter set in a procedurally generated universe.
Battle relentless alien hordes, strategically enhance your build, and journey across the vastness of space to harvest planetary resources and conquer formidable challenges.

- Explore through a procedurally generated universe
As a new universe full of new discoveries is being generated for each round, you'll never run out of challenges to conquer!

- Fight colorful waves of aliens
As you explore the universe, you will meet different kinds of aliens, ready to defeat you! Move, shoot and use your skills wisely in order to succeed in the fight.

- Build your way to the victory
Choose your favorite spaceship and create unique builds through artifacts, talents and items. You have countless possible builds and abilities to choose from!

- A procedurally generated universe that offers limitless exploration with planets, stars, black holes, aliens and wonders to discover, setting it apart from traditional static or repetitive maps;
- Strategic gameplay with intervals between enemy waves, giving you the chance to harvest resources from nearby planets and prepare for the next wave of enemies;
- Hundreds of different abilities obtainable through talents, items, artifacts, and more;
- Quick play sessions. Also, continue from where you left off;
- Twin-stick shooter gameplay, but with an option to automatically aim and shoot at enemies;
- And more!

About Developer

I am a computer science student and a solo developer from Ischia, which is an island in south italy, near Naples.
I have a strong passion for gamedev and I am putting a lot of energy into my new game Arcadium - Space Odyssey, to make sure its one of the most enjoyable games of its type, both for the mobile platform and the PC platform.