Content Warnings


Project Introduction

The Age of Pisces was replaced by the Age of Aquarius. Technology, decentralization reigns, the art of dispute flourishes, logic is respected, and special outlets are created for emotional outbursts. Wars over religion are a thing of the past, people have agreed that one faith will be enough for them - in astrology, since only it has at least a minimal scientific basis and the possibility of calculations, besides, it is known to everyone, and it is also impossible to prove that it works (hence, the need for the unrecognizable and magical is closed forever). Also, instead of gods - cats, because they are cool.

MC wakes up in a futuristic utopia city. He tries to understand how everything is arranged, like a newborn, even though he is 25 years old. By right of birth, he serves the temple of his planet (according to the zodiac sign, for example, he was born in Taurus - a Venusian; each player enters his date). But according to the laws of society, the goal of his life is to become an adept of the temple of the opposite planet (for Taurus - Pluto).

In addition, there are unrelated murders and accidents in the city that need to be investigated. While walking around the city and communicating, MC stumbles upon traces of cybercrimes, and as an enthusiastic detective tries to discover what and who is behind them. And how this city became a utopia.

MC needs to keep faith in himself and use rational thinking.

So, the player's goal:
* Become an adept of the temple of the opposite planet (required)
* Find all criminals in the city (optional)

About Developer

As Octanta Studio team we have been developing since 2022. The core of the team is programmer Dariia and sound designer Yurii. Game design decisions are made together. When started, we did everything ourselves, but now we invited a few people into the team to create something greater. We are also looking for partners with financing. Main contact - Dariia @octanta_st

We are well acquainted with Igrovary community and also attended the event organized by representatives of Indie Cup in Ukraine. Even if our game does not receive the attention it deserves, we are happy to be involved in the common cause anyway.