Project Introduction

Dive into the thrilling world of Aquapark Tycoon! Create the ultimate pool & spa paradise from the ground up in this cozy simulation game that offers endless creativity and challenges, whether you’re a seasoned waterpark magnate or a newbie pool start-up. Combine creativity, strategy, and management to satisfy the needs and wishes of your guests, and make a splash in the world of waterparks to become the ultimate Aquapark Tycoon!

Use your creativity to freely design custom water slides, including special sections such as steep bends, drops, funnels or black hole elements. Pools can be designed freely in any shape or depth, as well as customized with attractions, and water type & temperature settings, which directly influence the pool’s attractiveness towards different guest age groups. Just like pools, saunas can be designed in any shape, and customized with scents and furnishing, as well as their temperature & humidity. New attractions can be unlocked through research, which will attract more guests. Guests come in various age groups, all of whom have their own unique needs and preferences – and who may well get in each other’s way. This means good planning is crucial when building a park to really satisfy all guests!

- Construction & management of a swimming pool or spa paradise
- Design your own water slides including turns, drops, funnels, and many more
- Design & customize your own pools including water temperature, depth and type
- Design & customize your own saunas including temperature, humidity and aromas
- Specially designable infusion plan with aromas and programs
- Co-op Gameplay: Build & manage your aquatic paradise together with friends
- Guests of different age groups with unique wishes and needs
- Partially incompatible wishes of different guest groups that require pre-planned areas in the park
- Park Management including research, finances, themed areas and marketing
- Staff Management with Lifeguards, Sauna Masters, Janitors and Technicians
- Shifting seasons that require smart usage of indoor and outdoor areas

About Developer

Boxelware is a video game studio from Erlangen, Germany, founded in January 2016 by Konstantin Kronfeldner. In short, Boxelware makes the games they themselves would like to play. The team focuses on systemic sandbox titles with co-op mode. The studio was founded based on the success of the first title Avorion, which has become the studio’s flagship title. Avorion has been created by Konstantin in over 4 years as a side project next to his studies in computer science. Following a successful release in 2020 and 3 DLCs later, Avorion remains in active development with no plans to stop.

In April 2024, Boxelware announced that they’re working on a new, second project, Aquapark Tycoon, a cozy tycoon-style simulation game, in which players build and manage a waterpark paradise from the ground up.