Content Warnings

Mature Language

Project Introduction

Journey through the most remote places in the underground metropolis of ANTRO. Your mission is to deliver a package with an unknown recipient and, while you’re at it, overthrow the totalitarian government of La Cúpula. Play to the rhythm of urban music in this adventure full of action, puzzles and 2.5D platforming.

- The underworld revolution

After the Collapse, humankind has been forced to live underground. It’s estimated that only 1% of the world population has survived. Under the old city of Barcelona stands ANTRO. A dirty and dark hole divided into geographical strata where the inhabitants of the lowest levels fight for survival doing forced labor, while the ones in the highest levels rule over the new underground world.

The government has become a totalitarian system, handing over the power to a corporation based on technological overproduction and the automation of sectors known as La Cúpula. Freedom of speech has been censored. Art and music, forbidden. And a rebellion seems to be coming to life inside the den in which they’re living.

- Music will be your ally

Dive into ANTRO to the rhythm of Hip Hop, Drill, R&B and electronic music. Play as Nittch and move freely around the city overcoming the obstacles that ANTRO will put in your way, be it resolving puzzles or doing *parkour*. But keep this in mind: when the story requires it, get ready to run in full speed, because the pursuits in ANTRO are an everyday occurrence and both you and the scenario will move in synchrony with the music. Remember: the enemy is always lurking.

Also pay attention with your ears. Each track, in each level, not only transmits and emphasizes the emotions, but also supports the narrative thread of the story.

- A package that will make history

Take control over Nittch, a nihilist and lonely delivery guy that survives in the lowest level of ANTRO. Your mission is to deliver a package to an unknown recipient. That’s how your long journey through the corners of the city begins, catching the attention of La Cúpula and joining the rebellion of the Discordants.

You better be ready to prevent this unusual world from subduing you. Because the key to revolutionize ANTRO is literally on your shoulders.

About Developer

Gatera Studio was founded in Barcelona in 2022. It was born for representing urban culture in video games from a rebellious and disruptive perspective. It begans its activity with the development of ANTRO.