Project Introduction

Antiyoy is a minimalistic turn-based strategy game with simple rules but deep gameplay. The idea of the game is simple: expand your kingdom, capture new territories and fight with your neighbors. If the kingdom is divided into several pieces, each piece has its own separate economy. This allows for the tactics of encircling troops and cutting them off from the main source of income.

Key features:
- Nice well animated UI
- 180+ campaign levels
- 1500+ user levels
- 'Calendar' mode (new level each day)
- Level editor
- Skirmish mode with random map generator
- Replays

About Developer

I'm a solo game developer. My main principle is that I make games that I want to play myself. As a player, I don't like it when developers add ads to their games, so there are no ads in my games. Also, I prefer not to add microtransactions to my games.

I started making games when I was a kid. Until 2016, it was my hobby. Now I'm developing games for a living.