Project Introduction


Ancestral Players is a PvP FPS revisiting the traditional Battle Royale experience. By including multiple lives, players enjoy the non-stop, action-packed gameplay typical of arena shooters.

Whether you choose the Axe, the Bow, or the Coconut launcher, your aiming skill will be put to the test at every encounter.

Each death allows you to level up and enhance your abilities.
Follow a pre-established linear progression or pick an upgrade yourself in the skill tree game mode.

Additional comments:
The main idea, leveling up after death, allows the game to self balance, thus providing a more fun experience than in classic Arena shooters where you can easily get stomped on by hardcore players.
The gameplay is still very esport, hard to master and spectacular when in hands of experienced players.

About Developer

I worked at Ubisoft Nadeo (trackmania/shootmania) as a game engine developer for 6+ years before starting my company. I then built my engine from scratch to make this game.
A friend is doing the art on his spare time.