Project Introduction

All wizards can only wield a power of one element. But there is a prophecy of a kid without magic skills for whom the mysterious magic hands would create any spell. You wake up on floating rocks in the middle of cosmos without any idea who you are or where it is.
You set out on a journey to collect elemental orbs to restore the universe and find your lost memories.

Basically. it is ranged-based combat roguevania. Like Dead Cells, but with fireballs and spell-merging.

Merge and Enchant. Collect the spells and merge them to experiment with an order of effects. At elemental altars, you can also add special attributes to basic spells or weapons.

LevelUp Perks. Could be a basic attribute increase OR a brand-new skill. 250+ perks come in 7 elements and 5 rarities. You could gain orbs each time you hit the enemy, leave bombs when dashing, or make your basic spell go through walls.

Meta Progression. Back at your base, you can unlock new abilities at 7 Elemental Guardians, get more Artifacts/Melee Weapons/Spells to drop on your adventure, get challenges, and complete your Bestiary.

Chaos Destrortion. With each boss slain, the next level upgrades itself. Mobs, elites and bosses learn new attacks, become tougher and faster. Distinct to their biome, some elites only appear on certain maps after you co9nquered 3rd world.

About Developer

Jakub Dabrowski

Game Design, Programming, Writing

Gobo is 30 years old guy from Poland. During the daytime, he works as a Java Developer with 8 years of commercial experience. After the work, he spends all his energy and heart into making An Amazing Wizard.

Sometimes he plays League of Legends or roguelike games. He also watches anime / reads manga and likes cycling and going to the gym.