Project Introduction

Alruna is a dryad in a dying world – a spirit of life in the land of the dead. The earth is sucked dry. There is only The Sprawl. Poor, bedraggled skele-men dot the Wasteland of the Necro-Industrialists and shuffle endlessly back and forth in a toiling mockery of life. But are they the real enemy? Or do the skeletons suffer just as much as the dryads under the domination of the Necro-Industrialists?

And salvation? Is it possible? Dead men yearn for Heaven. But the dead can only dig...

Welcome to a compact, tightly packed Metroidvania. A square aspect ratio and single-screen level design means secrets, exploits and sequence-breaking are built into the very foundation of the game. Play the bosses out of order, why don’t you? Spawn your own Climbing Vines and sneak past difficult puzzles. Find a fifth secret temple in the east. Skip picking up any weapon and get by using only special abilities. Is it possible? Who knows!

About Developer

My name is Niklas Hallin, solo game developer from Sweden. I like to find my inspiration not only in other video games but also draw from sources like literature, philosophy and old movies.

I spent many years working on a very large, full 3D action-adventure project. Now I'm down-scaling to making itty bitty pixel-art games for a while!