Content Warnings

ALOFT is a cozy, soft-survival game, so there shouldn't be any upsetting content. However, there is mild combat against the corruption enemies (no gore). Some animals found on corrupted islands appear infected and encased in corruption pods, but can be cured with a cure to restore their health.

Project Introduction

Aloft is a feel-good survival game set in the clouds where you can transform any island into a flying ship and explore the infinite skies. Each island has something to discover. Explore and gather new resources, build your dream home and take care of your animals, alone or with up to 8 friends.

You will face challenges and danger, a rampant fungi corruption devours all life in this world. It’s up to you to find lost knowledge, brew powerful antidotes, enrich the biodiversity of the islands and restore balance to this unique airborne ecosystem.

The infinite skies above the sea of clouds are your home now and you must learn to weather the hardship of this new environment. In Aloft, wind and weather are everything and everywhere!

With proper technologies, the powerful winds of the hurricane can be harnessed to move mountains, power a complex network of automated machines, and travel across the sky.

Aloft is unlike any other survival game: each floating island is its own living ecosystem, vulnerable to unsustainable gathering behavior and the dreaded fungi corruption. You must be careful to maintain and improve the natural balance of each island, lest the corruption take hold and hosts another bastion of fungi monsters

You can enjoy Aloft alone or with friends! Setup a dedicated server or invite your friends in your game, you can play Aloft with up to 8 players. Bring your home island to any game you’re joining or create content easily with the photo mode. Whatever you’re doing, you will be joining the vibrant community surrounding Aloft.

About Developer

"Back in 2018, Astrolabe Interactive started in a living room located in a small apartment in Montreal, Canada. Today, with our team of talented young developers, we are proud and determined to become great leaders in the Indie Game industry of Quebec."

Astrolabe Interactive is a small yet diverse indie game development studio. We are comprised of 15 talented individual from around the world -- Canada, France, Mexico, Reunion Island, and Dominican Republic. ALOFT has many players located in Germany, France, and Italy -- We hope to breakthrough into more of the European market.