Content Warnings

All Quiet in the Trenches may contain content not appropriate for all ages. Some scenes feature disturbing content in the form of narrative text or imagery and a sensitive general theme. Violence, corpses on the battlefield and injured soldiers are shown and thematized.

Project Introduction

In our game, All Quiet in the Trenches, we want to tell a story about The Great War, World War I. Not about Empires and Generals, but about individual soldiers and the hardships they endured. You play as a German Unteroffizier - a sergeant - on the Western Front of World War I, and you have up to six soldiers under your command.
The game is turn-based and during each turn, you assign tasks to your soldiers. Be that to decide who has to do latrine duty in camp, which fortifications to repair when on watch in the trenches or whether there is time to apply first aid to a wounded soldier in battle, when the French troops are moving in on your position.
There are many factors to consider in deciding which tasks to do and who to assign. Your soldiers have different status effects, like exhaustion, as well as traits and personalities that can influence outcomes. For example, a compassionate soldier may be of great help to Nurse Elisabeth when the field hospital is over capacity after a battle, but his spirits may be dulled by what he experiences there.
Time and again, between the turns, story events will happen and demand you to decide how to react. These are often focused on individual soldiers and the outcomes greatly depend on their personalities, so getting to know your soldiers will be essential to successfully leading them.
But what are six soldiers on a battlefield? Whatever you do, however skillful or lucky you get, you will only have a small impact on whether the battle will be won or lost. Your actions will not change the war, but they will change the lives of your soldiers. You cannot win, but maybe they can survive.

About Developer

Totally Not Aliens is a game development studio based in Bamberg, Germany with a focus on human emotion, innovative storytelling mechanics and believable consequences on player interactions. The company was founded in the spring of 2019 as a UG (haftungsbeschränkt) and had previously existed as a GbR since the summer of 2017.
Our team consists of Jenny Tesch, our CEO, Artist and Writer, Alex Elsäßer, Coder and Game Designer, Julian Bärlin, who's supporting in Game Design, Writing and Balancing issues, Carola Tesch, responsible for PR and english localisation and soon Marie Wrenger, who'll also support with writing stories.
We greatly enjoy being part of the indie games scene and love to support it, for example by organizing the Indie Outpost in Bamberg ( and our CEO Jenny Tesch taking part in the jury of the DCP (