Content Warnings

(Relatively tame) violence, drugs, crime

Project Introduction

In ALL IN THE GAME, you start off with a small street gang, but your aim is to grow your organization into a criminal empire that takes over the city. There are three victory conditions: Eliminating other players, getting enough territory and laundering enough money.

In the beginning, your cash flow comes from small-time robberies, burglaries and drug deals which you invest into hiring new gang members, purchasing buildings and black market contraband.

Depending on what Principles (organization-level unlockables) you choose when leveling up, you can choose several different approaches on how to win the game: You can choose Valor for becoming an infamous crime ring with a large territory, Discretion if you want to stay under the radar, Esteem if your organization is based on tradition and 'rispetto', Materalism if you're in it for the money, Insurgence if want to rise against status quo or Sanction if you want to side and cooperate with the authorities.

About Developer

We're a small development team . We're not particularly well-affiliated with the game industry yet, but we've done some networking through IGDA's Finnish branch.