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Project Introduction

Albert Wilde: The Quantum P.I. is a comedy adventure game, a genre-bending noirish sci-fi mystery set in a fictional version of New York in the 1930’s featuring atmospheric black & white vintage visuals, loveable anthropomorphic characters, captivating Voice-Over and non-human “voice” acting, and at least one joke about cat nipples (they have six!).

Players must talk, walk, climb, and puzzle their way through a murder mystery that’s messier than a fresh hairball, in this hilarious zoological tribute to the golden age of noir.

Vintage visuals inspired by 1930’s cinema: 4:3 aspect ratio, black and white colors, and a world of light and shadow.
A lighthearted genre-bending mystery from the team behind relaxing puzzler ‘Reky’, written with the support from renowned narrative design company Talespinners.
Navigate different dialogue options, and peel back the layers of a mind-bending mystery.
Loveable anthropomorphic characters of all stripes, brought to life with collage animation and non-human “voice” acting.
A captivating voice-over and atmospheric music, to get you right into the noir mood!

The game has been selected and presented at:
Day of the Devs @ GDC San Francisco 2024,
GDC Expo Awards Party 2024,
Courage XL 2024 San Francisco,
DevGamm 2023, Indie X Awards steam streaming,
PocketGamerConnects London 2024,
Indie Arena Booth @ Gamescom 2023,
Courage 2023 Cologne,
European Games Showcase EGS at GDC 2023,
Adventure X 2022
London Games Festival 2022 - Official Selection
W.A.S.D 2022

AWARDS - Finalist:
Best Art Direction at Indie X ‘23 awards
Best Visual Art & Design at Games Connection Europe ‘22

About Developer

beyondthosehills is a game development studio known for creating unique and innovative games. Our portfolio includes the comedy-noir game, Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I., the adventure game, The Minims, and the award-winning puzzle game, reky. The latter was featured by Apple as an "Incredible Indie" and "Game of the Day”. They currently working on prototyping their new project PLACEGROUND, a space building simulation game that empowers players to craft their own spaces within stunning architectural environments.
beyondthosehills based in Athens, Greece and recently at Dresden, Germany is a diverse team of developers, musicians, artists, writers, designers and producers, working remotely from different countries (Europe, US, UK and Canada).

About me
MARIA ALOUPI, CEO and Game Producer at beyondthosehills.
Games: Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I., reky, The Minims

Eight years ago, I decided to shift my career and dive into the game development world. My focus has been on game production and business development.

What fascinates me within the game development ecosystem are the factors driving the market, the creativity essential for constructing a successful product, navigating the journey from decision-making to production, embedding it into the market, and, additionally, the social elements connecting us all with the digital world.

Before this, I spent my entire life dedicated to music—serving as a pianist, composer, teacher, and curator and producer of artistic cultural events.