Project Introduction

Aestik is a hand-drawn 2D metroidvania with branching storylines that - in true metroidvania fashion - focuses on exploration, combat and platforming, BUT also on moral decision-making in dilemma situations.

As players explore the Realm of Aestik, they are faced with impactful decisions that will permanently alter the game's story progression and gameplay. These decisions lead to different boss battles, areas to explore, and more.

Aestik's strength lies in its unique genre twist, coupled with its endearing yet dark visuals, polished controls and in it's customizable rune system (abilities) that allows players to add personal flair by choosing which abilities to equip and offering players a way to customize their gameplay experience. (Example: Players can choose between a double-jump or a flying ability which have different perks respectively, and so on).

Thus, the game offers a bunch of replayability - not just because players can go back and revisit the different outcomes of their respective (often very morally-grey) decisions, but also because they can equip different ability runes and therefore switch up their gameplay experience completely, e.g., use different movement abilities, different combat abilities (offensive/defensive attacks, or choose between ranged combat/melee, etc.)

Moreover, Aestik not only offers an adorable and immersive art style but also includes a cozy and unique fishing minigame, as well as a follower system where little creatures can be picked up and will follow the player around to give them (de-)buffs.

We made these genre-atypical additions to break up and diversify the gameplay loop.
By offering players the opportunity to engage in a relaxing and enjoyable activity outside of the game’s main objectives and lore. Players are able to catch and collect fish and will even stumble upon some boss-fishes in the different ponds which keeps them engaged throughout.

About Developer

We're Hooded Traveler Games - a gamedev duo from Switzerland, working passionately on our debut title, the atmospheric, hand-drawn 2D metroidvania game called "Aestik".

Having bonded over our shared love for gaming classics (esp. indies), we decided to team up to create our very own classics. As with our current project, our primary objective is to weave captivating narratives by incorporating cute and quirky art styles that transport players into immersive worlds across various genres.