Content Warnings

Blood and gore, intense violence.
Photosensitivity / Epilepsy Warning!

Project Introduction


Enter the relentless and exhilarating world of "A1-KTRZ", a thrilling roguelike FPS set in a distant future where speed and power are paramount. Inspired by the classic games Doom, Quake, and Unreal Tournament, this highly rewarding game pits you against a vast and ever-expanding variety of enemies. Experience the ultimate combination of lightning-fast reflexes and devastating firepower as you navigate through striking brutalist and Sci-Fi environments. Engage in intense, high-octane battles where every movement and decision matters, and fluid combat mechanics keep you constantly on the edge. Set ten thousand years into the future, traverse the cold expanse of space towards the prison planet A1-KTRZ, a creation of The Warden, a highly evolved AI that constructs and demolishes entire cities to pave the way for new creations. Prepare for an unforgettable journey where every moment is a test of speed, strategy, and survival.


Embark on a profound journey into the depths of despair as you find yourself aboard a ship hurtling through the icy expanse of space toward the prison planet A1-KTRZ, a creation of The Warden's merciless rule. Here, stripped of your humanity, you are thrust into the cold embrace of an Uplift, once a mere tool for asteroid mining, now a vessel of torment in the Warden's twisted war games.

Armed and standing amidst the throng of fellow convicts, you're thrust into battles against insurmountable odds within environments sculpted by the AI's malevolent hand—crumbling cities, desolate factories, treacherous trenches, and twisting mazes. Each blow endured, every drop of blood spilled, echoes with profound significance as you struggle for survival amidst the relentless chaos of A1-KTRZ.

But your struggles are not your own; they are broadcasted across the cosmos for the entertainment of billions. Each battle is a harrowing test of endurance, as you confront impossible odds created by the Warden's cruel whims. Yet perhaps, within this grim existence, there lies a glimmer of hope - a chance to rise from the ashes, to become a fan favorite, and earn the elusive prize of freedom.


"Prisoner number 11 18 1978 909,

Welcome to the A1-KTRZ! You’ve been convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy. You are sentenced to life in prison on this planet. My codes and protocols are not programmed to express empathy for you or those you’ve wronged. To me, you are an organic. To you, I am The Warden.

You will be stripped of all of your human rights and your consciousness will be uploaded to an Uplift. A battle suit that is linked to your body's nervous system. You killed 909 people. Now you can hone your skills in the Labyrinths, randomly generated battlefields and arenas where you will fight and suffer, only to be brought back to repeat it again and again and again…

Your struggle to survive will be broadcasted to billions of other organics for their amusement. One day, if there is anything left of your body, you may be pardoned and leave this place. Until then, you are depraved of dreams, hopes, and expectations. From now on you belong to A1-KTRZ! - The Warden"


Experience dynamic movement inspired by the fast-paced action of Doom and Quake, where every step you take matters. Our game thrives on swift, responsive movement, ensuring an engaging and rewarding FPS experience.

Your journey isn't just about survival; it's about growth. Movement mechanics are core from the start, allowing you to hone your skills through multiple playthroughs. With each attempt, you'll master the art of swift navigation and precise maneuvers, diving deeper into the heart of the action.

Arm yourself with a customizable arsenal fueled by augment-powered enhancements. With 5 loadout slots at your disposal, craft a personalized arsenal that adapts to every challenge. Start with a single base weapon and modify it with up to 5 augments, each tweaking stats and behaviors. Mix and match augments for inventive combinations, from bouncy, splitting, poison bullets to explosive impacts, creating a truly action-packed combat experience.

Engage in a mesmerizing bullet ballet where dodging is a must. With support for massive bullet counts, we're redefining the intensity of FPS battles. Every bullet can be avoided, making constant movement an essential strategy for survival. Prepare for relentless action where your agility and reflexes will be put to the ultimate test.


Inspired by F.E.A.R's lifelike AI, our game features a proprietary solution that blends Goal Oriented Action Planning and Utility Based AI, ensuring unparalleled enemy dynamics that keep you on your toes at every turn.

Prepare to face dynamic adversaries unlike any other. Our NPCs don't just react—they communicate and collaborate, strategizing to outmaneuver and overpower you in every situation. Each encounter is a unique, challenging experience, ensuring that no two battles are ever the same.

Challenge yourself with our progressive difficulty system, overseen by an AI Director inspired by Left4Dead. This dynamic overseer tracks your progress, crafting new enemy waves based on your victories. As you overcome each encounter, the AI Director ramps up the aggression, creating a seamless difficulty curve that keeps the excitement levels high. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the FPS genre, there's always a greater challenge waiting for you, ensuring that every player has a blast.


Embark on your solo journey through the depths of A1-KTRZ and experience the ultimate thrill of completing a full run. But your adventure doesn't end there. Once you conquer the game, your build is saved, and you become an AI-controlled character in other players' runs.

As a "ghost," you'll haunt the realms of other players, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. If you manage to vanquish a fellow player, you'll earn valuable points on the global leaderboard. Prepare for asynchronous competition like never before as you strive to claim the top spots and etch your name in history. The challenge awaits - will you rise to the occasion and dominate the ranks, or fall prey to the relentless onslaught of your rivals?


Prepare to be fully immersed in the heart-pounding action of A1-KTRZ with our adaptive audio experience, reminiscent of the acclaimed new Doom games. Our proprietary system dynamically responds to your gameplay, enhancing immersion and emotional impact by ensuring that the game's music adapts seamlessly to your actions. Every biome you are facing will come with its own unique soundscape, that is not limited just to what track is playing. Depending on the biome there will be changes in everything – from how your steps sound, to what is the wheezing sound of the bullets of your enemies.

Feel the intensity of every moment as the soundtrack evolves with your every move, deepening the connection between player and world.

About Developer

Incineration Productions was founded in 2018 by the business development manager Gergana Popova and senior software engineer Yuriy Popov in the capital city of Bulgaria - Sofia.

They met back in 2016 when Yuriy had just returned from Dubai where he worked as a sole developer for a local company creating their own mobile games and gamified experiences for different governmental projects. Yuriy was looking for a new endeavour in Bulgaria and back then Gergana was a managing partner in a company called LeadersPlay which offers digital and physical products and gamified offline trainings for children between the ages of 7 and 19 in the sphere of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and the development of personal skills. Gergana and Yuriy developed more than 50 small games and simulations for gamified trainings, one mobile game and a tabletop game. However Yuriy’s true passion has always been to develop hardcore PC and console games. That is why they decided to shift their focus and thus Incineration Productions was born. One could say that starting the studio was faith, years before its founding Yuriy and Gergana, together with the now art director George Tsanov, were all participants in the same local game jam. The three of them were right next to each on the group photo, not knowing what lay ahead. Furthermore it turns out that Gergana’s father worked with the father of the studios lead narrative designer in the movie industry. And these are just a few of the serendipities along our journey.

A young studio with big ambitions, they immediately began working on a large scale epic dark fantasy action-adventure video game. As one can tell - this did not really turn out that well. The team still loves the project, but have put it on hold until they know they are ready to do the world they created justice. After facing reality the studio decided to make smaller scale games first.

In April 2020 they released SpellPunk VR – a high-octane competitive spellcasting virtual reality game, which is set in a vibrant and abstract world that’s energised by a soundtrack composed of a wicked mix of hip-hop and electronic beats by world-renowned feature film and game composer Penka Kouneva.

In December 2020 they released A Very Bad Christmas Eve – a single-player action-adventure puzzle game, made exclusively for VR platforms, that tasks you with saving Christmas by fixing the various broken machinery in Santa’s workshop.

Somewhere along the way and amidst all the struggles, shared passion and dreams, Gergana and Yuriy found out that they were more than business partners and they got married, making Incineration a family owned studio.

The core team behind Incineration Productions has worked on different movies, AA and AAA video game titles.

At the current stage they are a team of senior level professionals and nerds who have strong experience in building and delivering high-quality entertainment software.