Content Warnings

Family friendly

Project Introduction

A-RED Walking Robot is full physics based and you will need to overcome different areas usually using balance abilities, solving mazes, pushing objects, firing lasers to move objects or defeat enemies, fly with your jetpack to overcome gaps in the environment or use electricity to activate switches.

Your power comes from winding up your clockwork, you will achieve this by collecting the golden windup keys placed in the workshop. Each time you collect a wind up key you will save your progress and wind the clockwork so you will have more time to complete the next part of the workshop.

About Developer

I’m David Kampa

I’ve been working as a 3D artist since 1996, mainly in advertisment but also in some movies.

During the pandemic I found a remote job as 3D artist in a videogame company, so I learned Unity and how to create assets for videogames.

Last year I decided to give a shot at becoming an indie game developer so I could work freely and happily. Lots of coding tutorials later and the idea of a good friend of mine got me with A-RED Walking Robot, my first game currently under development.