Content Warnings

No potential upsetting content.

Project Introduction

A Song of exploration
Strap in for a whimsical musical adventure with Melobot, your new favourite robot! In 'A Last Song', you'll explore a world both mysterious and threatening. Your mission? Wake up the odd fauna and flora of a silent planet with music, learn their quirky jingles, and shoo away the baddies.

Wake the world around you
You've got nine keys and a world to save – no pressure! Dance with the Meloplants, the botanical stars of this oddball world, and discover the tunes that tickle their leaves. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be Mozart – just feel the rhythm and play the melody to become a virtuoso.

Fight the Darkness
Face off against the ferocious Guardians, intent on muting the planet. Arm Melobot with an eclectic mix of instruments, and turn rogue machines into scrap metal with your harmonious heroics.

Explore different biomes
Ready to dive into a world humming with chaos and charm? Hop onto the Melobase and zip through the biomes, a collection of unusual landscapes. Explore the artifacts hidden across the world to piece together what happened to this desolate world.

Key features

- Rhythmic Gameplay: Master the art of music in a battle against time and discord.
- Enchanting Story: Immerse yourself in a narrative where melody is your weapon and hope.
- Diverse Biomes: Explore visually stunning environments, each with its unique challenges.
- Musical Mechanics: Use the nine keys of your keyboard as musical instruments to interact with the world.
- Engaging Battles: Face off against the Guardians in musical duels that test your rhythm skills.
- Gorgeous Graphics: Inspired by the artistry of Studio Ghibli and Pixar's sci-fi flair.
- Accessible to All: Designed for both rhythm game veterans and newcomers.

About Developer

We are the two founders of Anomalie Studio, Paul and Mathias, we began working on A Last Song in 2017 after collaborating on various previous projects. We formed a team to assist us in creating an experimental game intended for commercialization from day one. This self-published project has been a lengthy journey, and we are eager to share it with everyone.

The game is designed to be poetic and explore themes of nature and ecosystems. We find this subject important and believe it resonates with the current concerns of Europeans that we aim to address.