Project Introduction

4 Days in ***" is a non-linear 2D horror adventure game in which the player chooses how the story unfolds. You play as a girl who has stopped at a hotel for a conference on health innovations. The hotel administrator warned her not to go up to the 4th floor, but what really happens there? You will have to decide whether to follow instructions or try to uncover the hotel's secrets.

In many horror games, you are forced to follow a predetermined script, with the story leading you to scary places. This game is different. In this game, you choose whether to carefully navigate the game without exposing yourself to danger, or to try to uncover the scariest secrets of the hotel.

Game Features:

Horror Atmosphere: The game creates a tense and terrifying atmosphere through sound effects, music, and visual effects.

Exploration: The player must explore the hotel to uncover the secrets and hidden surprises on each level.

Choice: The player can choose their own path, and their decisions can lead to different outcomes and endings.

Puzzle-solving: The game includes puzzles that the player must solve to progress.

Hazards: The player must be careful and avoid dangers to survive in the game.

Multiple Endings: Depending on the player's choices and actions, the game can have different endings.

About Developer

We are Tobi Torba Games, small indie studio attempting to create a master piece.
There are two of us: Nykyta Yevdokymenko (programmer, game & narrative designer) and Yuliia Sokolovska (artist, concept)