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W21 / Best Audio / Shortlist


Toru is a bullet-hell platformer where everything that can be thrown at the enemy becomes your weapon!


Toru is a Bullethell platformer, where absolutely everything that falls into your hands becomes a weapon! Throw boxes, create energy fields, place turrets and detonate steam bombs to defeat shadow monsters

At the end of each level, Tooru is waiting for a mini-boss who adopts the basic habits of a specific type of opponents for the level, but has unique abilities and behavior in the arena!

Behind the addicting gameplay is a touching story about a terrible Shadow Monster who wants to destroy the Lantern- the structure that gives life to the whole city. You, Thor and his friends will have to stop him by learning the true motives of the villain!


My name is Vadim and I do everything alone (._. `)

Making games is my passion, it is literally what I live for, what I think about when I go to bed and get out of bed, and therefore I will devote all my free time to my projects.