Saturated Outer Space

Rummy Games


Rescuing is not so easy - protect hostages, guard their health, escort them to EVAC-zones.


Saturated Outer Space is a turn-based strategy game with tactical game-play and narrative rich.
Lead a rescue squad, gear up your equipment and set course towards the outer space! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of distant worlds of the galaxy. During the missions you will explore planets, meet new races, resolve conflicts and clench the matter of human existence.
The project's USP is interaction with NPCs like hostages, prisoners, lost in space, that is designed in details.
Missions can be performed in stealth or rush mode. Both will be challenging and will lead to different outcomes and endings of a main story-line which is in focus.


Today, Rummy Games is a team of 29 enthusiasts who have successfully mastered their remote development workflow. We started our journey as people of 4. At first, it was a graduation project on the course "Management of game projects". Since then we gathered like-minded people around us. The main composition of the team is deployed in Moscow. We have developers (UE/C++), animators, 2D and 3D artists, level designers, UI/UX designer, marketing team, video production and even our own sound designer!