S’21 / Shortlist 006 (Best Art)
S’21 / Shortlist 008 (Best Unreal Game)


A real-time strategy game about the war of anthropomorphic animals.


Ratten Reich is a grim and unforgiving world, where war has continued for many years. The war is fought between rats, mice, roaches and lizards alike. Slum like cities, burnt corpses, steam tanks, soldiers in imperial uniforms and armor... And the soil, the mother of all, full of bomb craters and battle scars. Millions upon millions of fates, dreams - nothing more than ashes from the fires now... This is the story we are trying to tell in an RTS game with interesting and unusual mechanics. The Tzar army of roaches, monitor lizards, dozens of mice led countries under the flags of the great Franx and Angul will clash against the might of the Ratten Reich in an alliance with the lizards, who live in the land of the rising sun. This is Ratten Reich.

The Ratten Reich. It is a giant empire that consists of little duchies all of which are united under the flag of the Emperor. This is a country that has delved into science and technology research for decades. The progress of science gave an explosive mixture of steam and diesel punk in the army and the everyday life of rats. The colonial power, which in the last 25 years has grown from oppressed small countries, into a powerful empire with interests around the world and the most powerful land army.

FMR A conclave of 38 countries in which the two strongest empires, Franx and Angul, have supremacy. Both empires wage an internal struggle for power and influence over the small countries. Trade coalitions, lavish and luxurious scores, nobles and feudal lords, counts, princes and princesses, this is one side of the FMR and it is pretty small.

Empire of steampunk and steampunk only.
Cockroaches, led by the Tsar, pose the greatest threat to all who offend them, millions of soldiers and thousands upon thousands of guns, armed and ready. The most closed empire of all, and of course the most resistant to frost and natural disasters.


We have a fairly large team of 18 people. The project itself is done by each of us every day throughout the year. The project code is the weakest link at the moment, but we are fixing that.