Make Your Kingdom


W21 / Best Unity / Shortlist


The project is developed by one guy, has a unique style and gameplay - you can not only manage the city in strategy mode, but also play as the head of the settlement. This allows the player to carry resources, chat with other settlers and even take part in battles with orcs!


Make Your Kingdom is a city-building game where you have to build, expand and improve your settlement. Become a leader of a brand-new kingdom! Choose the best way to achieve the goals set. Find a way to win the people's favor by satisfying their needs.

Every settler is unique in their own way. To make your people happy you need to make sure that everyone has a roof over their head and that everything meets their needs. All your actions and decisions affect the settlers. Happy people will help you expand your kingdom while unhappy ones will join the orcs and try to destroy everything you've built.

Apart from taking care of the existing settlers you would also have to develop infrastructure to make your settlement more attractive to new people. Construction and improvement of your buildings requires a variety of resources. In order to gather these resources you need to have certain buildings and keep them in good condition.

But there is something you simply can't control — it’s nature. Nature will test the strength of you, your people and the settlement! Be ready to face some serious challenges such as natural disasters and sudden climate shifts

Remember that the future of your kingdom depends solely on you. Only a wise and determined leader can build the safest and most comfortable life for their people!

Main features:

- Go all the way from an ordinary settlement, whose citizens can hardly make the ends meet, to a huge and rich kingdom.
- Resource and resource production management.
- Unique design with original models of buildings.
- A variety of resources for building and improving your structures.
- Dynamic day-night cycle and different weather conditions due to the changing of the seasons.
- An ability to see the life of your settlement from the inside as a founding settler.


Hello! My name is Sergey Yurkin and I'm the main and only developer of the low poly city building game called Make Your Kingdom.

As a child I liked playing economic simulation games and city building games, they have left an imprint on me and I still feel inspired by many of them. I liked building cities and their infrastructure, monitoring the needs and the mood of the settlers and just watching them live their lives. All these aspects that I enjoyed so much as a child I tried to replicate in «Make Your Kingdom». At first I was working on this project in my spare time, but as more and more people became interested in it, I decided to go full time.

Right now Make Your Kingdom has around 40 K wishlists and over 35 K demo downloads. The main goal is to deliver the good quality finished product to all the people that are excited about it.