Into the Void SNDO games

W21 / Best Audio / Shortlist


Imagine, you're stuck on the moon all alone, accidentally found some kind of pocket device with a button, will you press it? Heard about Schrödinger's Cat? Do you want to be in the skin of this cat? Enter the Void.


An open-world first-person 3D game in which the protagonist is the only survivor in the complex after an accident that caused the CLIO station to fail. You have to explore the complex, gradually restore its performance and do everything possible in order to survive and find a way to return to Earth, while the hero does not lose his mind from loneliness, being in a hostile environment. Over time, the main character finds a strange pocket device capable of manipulating reality.


We are 2 studios based in Russia and Finland, there are 13 of us in total. 2 game designers, 2 programmers, 2 concept artists, 1 screenwriter, 1 sound designer, 3 3D artists, 2 SMM specialists. The idea for the game came from the Lead Game Designer, recruiting of the team, the development of ideas and mechanics began, a year later the studio SNDO games joined. We are looking for funding and help in promoting our game.