Deuterium Wars


Deuterium Wars is a post-apocalyptic multiplayer, session-based 2D shooter
Game description

Player chooses one of the three factions (Daentria Guardians, Temple of Orgaris, and Legion), creates a game character, and assembles his own aircraft. After that, Player can participate in battles (PvP, PvE), take on story missions, receive awards, upgrade his aircraft, team up with other clans, capture Clan forts, build Clan Air Frigate, and help his Clan reach the top of the rating.

File attached to the application form is a technical demonstration and includes only one Deathmatch mode, four maps and cross platform multiplayer (supports simultaneous game with mobile and desktop).

In Final release version will be available three aircraft classes to choose from: Fighter, Tank, and Reaper. Each aircraft class has its advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses, its set of engines, armor, weapons and special items. Component parts of each aircraft class come under models (Marks), depending on their technology level. Each aircraft consists of several parts that can be manufactured from various materials (materials determine some characteristics, e.g. durability, weight, etc).