Darknot is the first-person 3D stealth horror game with plenty of physic riddles and tactical battles with mysterious creatures.


Darknot is a non-linear horror game about facing death on your own and staying sane.

Here you are, lost in the labyrinth of the city’s streets that feel deceptively calm while being deadly dangerous.
This city is doomed, but you can survive. To do that, you must go to the bottom of this nightmare.

Survival is not easy, and each death affects the plot development and the way you play through the game.

Challenges of varying complexity reveal your character's story and provide you with new possibilities.

The game world with lots of details around you is constantly changing. Live a different experience each time you play.

Interact with other people, but you will never know for sure whether you are playing with an NPC or a player.


We are young game studio ElbrusLab. Ex-employees from Wargaming, Social Quantum, Dell Technologies constitute a core development team which includes really enthusiastic mates with global and diverse expertise. We are excited about the physics game creation with elements of horror magic, role-playing and cooperative multiplayer.

There are not many of us around, but doing your the best, being eager to learn and creating experiences together with players are our main goals.