Cheese Killer



Dynamic slasher shooter with co-op


! A demo version of the game is available on Steam !


Cheese killer is a fun co-op shooter that you can play alone. Where the main character is a crazy grandfather with a shotgun, and his partner is a sorcerer whom for some reason no one sees (schizophrenia). The final version will take 5-7 hours. The game will have a bunch of mobs, 6 locations, 6 bosses and 6 mini bosses.



Once upon a time there was a crazy grandfather on his farm. And he was very fond of cheese. He once ate the wrong piece of cheese. After that, the grandfather saw that the chickens, worms and a very angry rat from the farm began to grow and attack him. The rat takes all the cheese, and the main character suddenly finds a shotgun and goes to kill everyone in order to continue eating cheese.


The team consists of 4 people. I created a group for the game, and then they began to write to me

Ivan (me) - programmer
Dpp Ony - artist
Andrey - marketing
another Andrey is a composer