Bridge Into Darkness



An attractive world of the Middle Ages, an interesting plot and exciting battles.


Top-down RPG game set in a medieval setting in which you play as a young adventurer and immerse yourself in a world of mysteries and oddities. You will have to untangle the ball of the intricate plot and prevent the approaching threat that lurks in the darkness.


The team, assembled in 2019, consists of 4 enthusiastic students. After completing coursework on programming in Unity, we decided to make our own game. Through long discussions, we decided to make Action-RPG in a medieval setting, chose Unreal Engine 4 to implement, and started to work. In addition to this project, the team carries out orders for the development of games from government agencies. The team has two programmers and two 3D modelers. Everyone is responsible for the general idea, plot and UI. Decisions are made collectively. The team works in an office allocated by the university, where the history of the Bridge Into Darkness is made.