Atomic Cards


Indie Cup S’21

Pre-alpha Alpha Beta Ready for release Vertical Slice Early Access
The idea of the game was based on the experience of the first Fallout and card-text gameplay, based on the experience of turn-based card games.
Game description
Atomic Cards is an RPG card game in a post-apocalyptic world set where your money no longer has any value. A far more important goal is to obtain food, resources and weapons that will allow you to live a year in a new world devoid of morality and compassion. You will be faced with difficult life choices that affect how "society" will treat you. Will you be able to remain human in this hell reigning on Earth?
Our team consists of four people:

- Vladislav is the head of development and the author of the game.
- Murad is a composer.
- Andrey is a technical game designer.
- Matvey is a scriptwriter and writer.

We are all rallied under the leadership of Vladislav, inspired by the idea to develop a unique gaming product that can probably be received by gamers from the CIS.