Anarchy: Wolf’s law

Street's game


Tactical Idle Shooter in the open world between live players in implicit multiplayer mode


The constant struggle for control of the territory between living people, but in singleplayer mode. A dynamic shooter with elements of RPG and economic thinking.

A small industrial hinterland is subject to chaos. Your right to be here must be constantly defended. Step by step you establish your own order in the area, discover new places and improve your character's skills. Remember that you are not the only one who wants to rule here, invite your friends and show them who is boss. You won't play directly with your friends, but that doesn't mean they can't interfere in your gameplay. Set in a new post-apocalyptic sci-fi universe, players will encounter a seamless, open world filled with colorful enemy characters, various mutant categories and a variety of intense and exciting adventures. Unique gameplay allows players to interact while in single-player mode. Try your hand and only the strongest will have power in the region.

- Fight against AI
- Active agile first-person shooter.
- Strategic and economic gameplay
- Ability to compete with friends or with random people in implicit multiplayer mode.
- Large number of weapons. Pistols, submachine guns, submachine guns and machine guns are available to you in the game.
- Cars, trucks and helicopters. Use passenger cars to quickly move between locations. You can also use trucks to transport economically important cargo. And only very influential players can afford to maintain a helicopter.
- The large open world of 9 square kilometres will be fully accessible, but not every region is safe to be in.
- Dynamic change of time of day


We're a small team. Participated in projects: FogOfWar, BattleRush, BattleRush2, Survival Postapocalipse Now. The team includes a programmer, level designer and designer. In this project, we want to gather all our many years of experience to create the concept of tactical Idle Shooter in the open world between live players in implicit multiplayer mode.