Хранитель мечей

BW Studio

W21 / Best Unreal / Shortlist


The game takes place in a medieval fantasy world. The main character, a spy and magician named Fess, has stolen a priceless artifact and now he is trying to hide from powerful pursuers.


The Keeper of the Swords is a third-person single-player adventure RPG of the dark fantasy genre, developed in the Unreal Engine 4. The plot of the game is based on the novel by a famous Russian writer Nick Perumov.

The main character - spy Fess stole a priceless artifact. Now he is forced to hide from the past. In the closed world of Evial, where it is not easy to get from the outside, he will start a new life and will go a long way from a wounded guy who does not remember himself to a powerful necromancer.


BW Studio is an independent video game development team.

The studio employs specialists from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Keeper of Swords is BW Studio's first project, but many of the team members have experience in commercial game and software development.