Indie Cup S'21 Nominees

Best PC Game

Expedition Zero Harmony’s Odyssey Vagrus — The Riven Realms Space Wreck Down In The Dark Against the Storm Deepest Chamber Mechanic 8230 Winter Survival Simulator VALHALL: Harbinger Spark in the Dark Titanium Hound Svoboda 1945: Liberation Halver Despot's Game Flippin Kaktus Ragtag Crew Knock on the coffin lid The Excrawlers Кужлевка SANYA / САНЁК

Best Mobile Game

Cut Runner Motors43 Car Eats Car 3D Space Box Battle Arena Portal Walk CaTastrophe: Bad Cat Simulator Cards of Terra Crimson Deep Packer Puzzle Beat Adventure

Rising Star

OmegaBot Crimson Deep Grim Road Hidden Office Whisper Trip Mechanic 8230 Burn the Witch Almost My Floor Under the Table The Falling Sun Svoboda 1945: Liberation Halver The Case of the Golden Idol Cognition Method Jupiter Moons: Mecha The Excrawlers Schematic

Critics’ Choice

Кужлевка Svoboda 1945: Liberation Trash Sailors Godless Fire Commander Kingdom Shell Mechanic 8230 Whisper Trip Eclipse Turbo Sloths Against the Storm Space Wreck Grim Road Vagrus — The Riven Realms Harmony’s Odyssey

Streamers’ Choice

Gas Station Simulator Organs Please Torn Away Absylon 7 RushOut Against the Storm Two In Dense Forest Mechanic 8230 Winter Survival Simulator Grandmother's Tale After Shadows Almost My Floor Under the Table Trash Sailors Despot's Game Кужлевка SANYA / САНЁК

Best Art

Astral Equilibrium Nadir Harmony’s Odyssey Torn Away Crimson Deep Oddinary Highway / (Не)Случайный хайвей The Last Shot Down In The Dark Against the Storm RattenReich SANYA / САНЁК Mechanic 8230 Buildest After Shadows Hand In Hand Trash Sailors Cognition Method Ragtag Crew Knock on the coffin lid The Excrawlers

Best Audio

Tell Some Story: Foz Titanium Hound Knock on the coffin lid Flippin Kaktus Trash Sailors Memory Lost Under the Table Buildest Mechanic 8230 Eclipse Oddinary Highway / (Не)Случайный хайвей Grim Road Absylon 7

Best Unreal Engine Game

Solargene Titanium Hound The Faraway Land Noch Overstep NORR: Will Walker Hungry Dino Motors43 VALHALL: Harbinger Evade The Light Cycled Whisper Trip RattenReich Turbo Sloths Level Z Library of Souls

Best Unity Game

SANYA / САНЁК Jupiter Moons: Mecha Trash Sailors Godless Almost My Floor Spark in the Dark Hand In Hand After Shadows Buildest The Last Shot Grim Road Absylon 7 Torn Away Decision: Red Daze Organs Please