Project Introduction

You play as a young god of archery. Being in the native lands of Idalir, you are free to deal with enemies as you wish. Your bow and arrows have been serving you faithfully for a long time. Hunt, develop, collect the souls of enemies. You will need many souls for the gods of Asgard to recognize you as an equal.

The difficulty of the game increases with each defeated opponent. Each new opponent will be stronger, faster and more cunning than the previous ones. Where one died, new ones will come!

A simple shooting system using a crosshair in the past. Aim using your gut. Carefully monitor the number of arrows in your body. A large number of arrows can cause bleeding - pull them out!


  • Realistic archery system.

  • Unique body inspection system based on inversion kinematics

  • Maneuvering enemies

  • Adaptive system for increasing the complexity of the game

  • Cinematic effect of the arrow flight in a fatal shot

  • Development statistics management system, become the best player!

Future features:

  • Increasing the skill and number of souls will increase the number of followers of your god
    More followers - more of your altars on the map, and this is treatment and additional equipment
    Character development as a god will open up the possibility of participating in the tournament of gods with other players / high-class AI

  • The opening of different groups of armor depending on the development of the status of the god

  • The system of reactions to damage to various parts of the body

  • Allies and their development together with you

  • Procedural formation of squads and camps by mobs in random places

  • Cave creatures with a unique logic of hiding and attacks when the time of day changes

  • The alchemy system allows you to more fully reveal the hunter's flair, your characteristics and increase your chances of survival

  • Advanced character editor and equipment customization

  • Cooperative mode and match mode between players

  • A separate character for the cooperative mode with a unique development system

  • Melee system with the ability to choose the direction of attack

  • Combat system with shields, axes and other melee weapons

  • A developed fauna with a unique interaction with each of the animal types


  1. Foxes - search for opponents on the map

  2. Raccoons - loot collectors

  3. Wolves are universal companions

  4. Bears are defenders in close combat

  5. Hares - exploration of the current location of opponents

  6. Birds - notifying of an approaching threat

About Developer

We are a team of two creative developers who have turned the hobby of game development from school days into the meaning of life.

Danila Leonenko - Develops game mechanics, understands animation creation, project structure design and game designer.

Mikhail Babkin is a game designer, widgets, mechanic development, and level design.

At the moment we have a page in the store with several assets that we have developed.

1.Card Quest System is an asset based on which you can develop card quest plan games, storytaile, etc. without much difficulty and without knowledge of programming languages! Link to the Marketplace

2.Bow Shooting System is a plugin for your project, with which you can turn any of your characters into an archer. Link to the Marketplace

3.Body Examination System is an asset with which you can easily make a body examination in your project really interesting. Link to Marketplace