Project Introduction

Your primary goal in Words Can Kill is to defeat the final boss at the end of the run and eventually save the princess. You travel through the fantasy world, trying to upgrade your deck and find a better gear along the way. Here your deck consists of letter tiles akin to those in Scrabble. This adds a neat dimension to which letters you add to the deck or take away, because it completely changes what words you can play in which situations.

During combat you build words using letter tiles you draw from the deck. Each word acts as either defense or offence and you have the control. To be successful you need carefully plan your future turns. You can leave some letters in your hand, discard them, or place them on the board for future.

About Developer

I'm a solo game developer from Yaroslavl, Russia. Words Can Kill is my first game. I've had a lot of experience with card games as I played poker professionally for a while and was a "legend" Hearthstone player. I like to solve mathematical optimization problems and really love well-balanced "easy to learn, hard to master" games. I was impressed by simplicity and deepness of Slay the Spire and Dicey Dungeons and came up with an idea for a game that I could make without the help of an artist. After months of hard work I managed to combine Slay the Spire and Scrabble in Words Can Kill.