Project Introduction

Two fates and the Curse that binds them-

"You are a demon, my friend. An immaculate being capable of leveling cities with a flick of your wrist.. What's a city, you ask? The inhabitants of this planet flock together in hopes of reaching a higher state of being one day, although they should have kept just murdering each other mindlessly.. A planet? A planet is like a plane, a level of existence, but in physical form, round in shape and immense in size.. Are all your memories truly gone?.. All but one? I see... I am all ears."

A Race Against Life

An action roguelike inspired by great roguelikes of the past few years, and the JRPGs of the early 2000s, late 90s- Woodcutter Warrior is going to be a fast paced game, with meaningful choices, both in story, and in-game, topped with a story sparked by the grandiose thrilling endings of classic role playing games.
Take a look below to see a list of all the planned features!

  • A physics based melee system paired with a shmup-like ranged mode

  • Over 170 swords, several only available as rewards from bosses

  • Speaking of bosses - 11 unique Bossfights to overcome...

  • Skills and Potions to turn the tide of battle

  • Over 10 chapters of Story in a lovingly crafted world with a tragic lore

  • Overworld map travel with randomly generated options, as in like room based roguelikes!

  • Text-based mini-adventures that provide items, boons or debuffs for the main game (Completely optional)

  • Hunting and gardening mini-games to acquire raw materials for the Cooking system

  • Cooking system with over 60 unique dishes, separated into 4 groups

  • The dish you eat will decide your starting build at the beginning of each run!

  • 4 classes, each with their own unique spells, skills and transformation trees. (eg: Fire Acolyte to Fire Monk etc.)

  • A camp you can upgrade and visibly see grow from a barren valley to a bustling base of operations

About Developer

Hey there! My name is Csaba Szekely and I live in Hungary.

Ever since my early childhood, I've been captivated by the wonderful worlds created by talented developers. In the back of my mind, there was always a question - How?

When I was younger, I did not get the chance to go to a University to pursue my dreams, but now, 7 years later I got another shot at it, and if all goes well - I will start this September.

Even though I did not get to learn programming professionally, I have been spending most of my freetime, learning everything gamedev related, bit by bit.

Woodcutter Warrior is my first game, but I already have plans for my second. Although, truth be told, WW still needs at least a year of my time to be ready, but I can't wait to see it complete.

The question is "When..", not "If..".