Project Introduction

Soccer is one of the most popular games in the world. What else can give such emotions as scoring a goal for your favorite team in an important match. Experience this storm of emotions, right now. Start your soccer career in Wild Strike and make your way from the backyard team to the world elite, and win the love of fans from all over the world. Dive into the wild world of soccer adventure.

Wild Strike is a multiplayer soccer simulator with its own impact physics. The action of the game takes place on fictional soccer fields that are uniquely shaped, different obstacles and sliding on the surface.

You have a team of 5 soccer players (chips). The task of the players, one by one, to hit their players on the ball and bypassing footballolistov rivals and other obstacles to score a goal. The game is complicated by the fact that all players have different weight and can cause damage to the opponent. You can apply your schemes of the formation of players and to show cunning. If you manage to create a situation where the opponent can not hit the ball, you will earn a penalty, and maybe a red card for an opponent. All means are good to win. Win matches, and make your way to the top division. As in real soccer, in the world of Wild Strike, there are various tournaments, leagues and cups. By winning tournaments your media exposure will grow and you'll be the talk of the tabloids in all countries, certainly in the Wild Strike world.

By winning matches, you earn card sets. In addition to various boosters and skins, the sets include player cards. Collect soccer players cards, pump up and improve your team.

Ready to give it a try? Then welcome to our soccer family.

About Developer

There are only 2 people in our Flapix team.

Dmitry is a programmer and Olga is a designer. We are brother and sister, so we can say that it is a family business.

Everything started with a desire to create our own games and then with self-education. Our first applications appeared back in 2009 under the pseudonym Flapix. To this day, we also continue to work together.

Our games already have more than 5 000 000 installations, mostly from the Russian-speaking segment.