Project Introduction

Wild Dose is a first-person  cyberpunk adventure , set in a world where virtual drugs are used to escape from reality. It blends RPG , psychological horror elements, and narrative-driven exploration .

You are a virtual drug addict, wandering between the city of Eleftheria and digital universes. In this  narrative-focused  experience, you will:

  • Complete missions to buy your next dose

  • Build  a strong relationship  with your AI

  • Learn to  survive with the mysterious creator of Wild Dose


While starting to  confuse real and virtual worlds , you will have to  make choices  that will affect this  divided society  you are trying to escape from.



The world of Wild Dose reacts to how you play . Help your fellow citizens or let the profit drive you. Choose to defend the weak, act as an agent of this oppressive system, rebel against it, or become a lone wolf.

Decide your approach for each mission, and the outcomes will change as a result. The choices you make , the factions you support, or the relationships you build  affect the entire story .



Walk the streets of Eleftheria, a hub for your virtual sessions, and fulfill contracts to buy your next dose.

Get away with your AI in Fresh Air, the legal virtual drug, and choose to build a strong relationship with her.

Explore Wild Dose with the Capetian, the mysterious creator of that drug, and learn to survive in this dangerous universe.

Discover the secrets of the Void, an unstable virtual space, made of unallocated memory segments.




Follow the steps of the Pack, Wild Dose Elite members, roaming virtual spaces in the shape of wolves.

Try to communicate with the Offliners, these virtual drug users trapped in their session.

Join the ranks of the Rigorists, an occult group trying to maintain control over the population.



Wild-Dose blends RPG, horror psychological elements, and narrative-driven exploration :

  • Explore four universes with varied atmospheres and game mechanics

  • Rely on a roleplay-oriented dialogue system to build your own adventure

  • Take part in a shadow war by joining factions

  • Enjoy an immersive original soundtrack by Kevin Colombin

  • High-replayability with different approaches, chapters, and endings


About Developer

Lappi Soft Poland is an indie game studio that has been selected as part of the Digital Dragons Acceleration Program . Wild Dose is their first title.