Игрок оказывается в роли лабораторной жабы, созданной при помощи биотехнологий и запертой в лабиринте со смертельными ловушками.

Всё, что она умеет — это летать, поедая комаров.

Всё, что она знает — если погибнуть, то мучения начнутся сначала.

Всё, что она хочет — остаться в живых.




Project Introduction

The player finds himself in the role of a laboratory toad, created using biotechnology and locked in a maze with deadly traps.

All she can do is fly, eating mosquitoes.

All she knows is that if she perishes, the torment will begin all over again.

All she wants is to stay alive.

About Developer

- Ilya Chubarov (programmer)
- Mikhail Goncharov (artist)
- Zakhar Toropin (designer).

We are from Tver, each with a different experience in the gaming industry.
Once we decided to team up to create one of the best games in the world and launched this pet project)))

Unfortunately, we have not had time to finish a lot for the competition, but we hope that you will be able to evaluate the current results of our work and get the fan that we want to pass on to the players.